We created the Elit Fruit plantations in 2015 following careful studies of agricultural areas in the Republic of Moldova and the choice of agricultural land for orchards in the central region of the country in immediate proximity to the Nistru River. The geographical location, climate, soil quality and availability of national transport routes allowed us to develop our own apple and prune orchards with super-intensive methodologies.

Our own water reservoir and water irrigation system provided for each fruit tree coupled with the fertigation networks with thorough control of fertilizers enable us providing our plantations with water and nutrients needed to obtain quality fruits on the entire plantation of 70 hectares.

Fruit tree support systems together with anti-rain and anti-hail nets increase our ability to deliver high quality fruits even in bad climatic conditions.

Cold stores

At the beginning of the cold store construction project, the Elit Fruit management team had a rich experience of selling fruits on international markets. The good understanding of the market requirements was the basis for the decision to install state-of-the-art CA/ULO equipment made by European companies such as Besseling, Bitzer, Kelvion and other suppliers of specialized equipment.

Due to the support of the engineers who provide turnkey refrigeration solutions, companies that design and build industrial facilities, we have been able to build, provide with technologies and put into operation in 2020 the largest and modern cold stores in Moldova.

With an indicative capacity 6,000 tonnes, we are able to keep in excellent conditions the harvest of our orchards and the fruits thoroughly chosen from local partners to meet the demanding demands of international customers.

The cold store system of Elit Fruit is up to date with modern technology, energy efficiency and environmental impact practices, designed for stable operation over tens of years. Automated operation, security, monitoring and control sub-systems with specialized software and maintenance by qualified staff enable us to control and mitigate fruit compromising factors.

The current technological facilities rank us among reliable producers and exporters able to offer fresh, healthy, and attractive fruits from the early days of harvesting till the end of the annual sales cycle.